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New book! Teams in the spotlight, A handbook for team development.

From the publisher’s presentation, Natur & Kultur.

Teams are the building blocks of an organisation. Despite this, most organisations focus on individual, rather than team, development. Shining a spotlight on teams, this book outlines practical, hands-on methods and tools to improve collaboration and performance, allowing teams to reach their full potential. The theoretical background to the text is Susan A. Wheelans research on teams and her Integrated Model of Group Development (IMGD), which is evidence based and easy to apply. Throughout the book there are real life examples, reflections made by team members and managers, that illustrate team development in practice.

184 pp, e-book 200 pp.

Teams in the spotlight is essential reading for team members, team leaders, team consultants and anyone working in HR.

The tools and practices from the book are available for purchase in a downloadable format. Read more about the tools here.

Mette Sandahl (organisational consultant, ICF certified coach), Mattias Wihlborg (work environment specialist, organisational consultant), Maria Åkerlund (licensed psychologist, organisational consultant,) and Christian Jacobsson (associate professor, licensed psychologist) all have extensive experience as team consultants within international as well as Swedish organisations.

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The Swedish version will be published by Natur & Kultur next year, 2020.